What to write? [Example]

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What to write? [Example] Empty What to write? [Example]

Post by Maci on Sun Jun 08, 2008 12:13 pm

so i thought id write a little example of what we want to know about you, so you guys dont have to worry to much about what to write.

you can copy paste this and use it when you write your CV


Country: Sweden
Age: 21
IGN/Lvl: Frejae Lv 28
Class: Dekan>Dragon knight
How much do you play each week: a couple of hours a day if i got the time, and if i feel líke playing

Why do you want to join us?
i want to join your guild couse i really really like to pk swiss all day long, and i love doing that yaaayy <3 Smile


you could write your real name etc, but its not necessary, anyhows thats how you could write a short CV

Frejae Lv3x Dekan [Main]
Einherja Lv2x Elf [Alt]
What to write? [Example] Lolpunshur3

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